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Automatic Rotor Resistance Starter

Automatic Rotor Resistance Starters with dynamic buffer ARSB (An Ideal product for Sugar Industry that solve problems of slip ring motor starting and running ) A replacement product for conventional fixed buffer resistance+ LRS  with variable slip dependent resistance. Automatic Rotor resistance Starters with dynamic buffer for Slip ring Induction motors etc. which connected in rotor circuit, the resistance was created by using losses that proportional to rotor speed (Rotor frequency).

Features :

  • Slip dependent Resistance provides linear auto resistance variation.
  • Low Starting current.
  • High starting torque.
  • Built in bypass contactor.
  • No moving parts & step less cutting of Resistance.
  • No maintenance
  • Suitable for dusty environment
  • Suitable for out-door and indoor installations
  • No electronics involved


Weight 100-1000kg
Voltage 220V, 440V
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 1-3kw, 9-12kw
Driven Type Electric
Warranty 5years
Motor Range 0.5 KW/415 V to 6,000 KW/3.3 KV, 6.6 KV, and 11 KV

Comparison Table

Comparison Between Liquid Resistance Starters And Automatic Slip dependent Rotor Starters

Parameter LRS ARS
Operating Principle Resistance offered by resistive liquid, independent of rotor frequency Resistance created by eddy current loss dependent on rotor frequency
Starting current Vary between starts  depends on temperature of liquid  for same concentration and distance between electrodes Independent and constant starting performance for every start independent of temperature
life time of the starter

Depends on
1. No.of starts
2.Corrosive nature of atmosphere
3.Maintanances schedule

Independent and same as motor life
Moving parts involved in  operation in Power circuit Yes -Moving electrodes NO Moving parts
Time between starts depends on
1.Previous start
2.Ambient conditions
Independent and no limitations on between starts.
External Resistance variation Vs. Motor speed independent of motor speed . To made dependent on motor speed , one has to  go complex feed back mechanism By design principle itself  resistance is inverse proportional to motor speed
Starting Over currents Incase of counter load on motor is more , than possibility of over current bypass due to independent movement of electrodes NO possibility of over current , because resistance in circuit until motor reach full speed
Initial Cost Low High
Maintenance cost High No maintenance cost
Regular  maintenance Required Not required
Auxiliary motor Required for movement of electrodes Not required


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